Woodberry Estate Pvt. Ltd is an initiative by a group of professionals who are emerging with unique ideas for the growing world of business.

Woodberry Estate Pvt. Ltd is designed by the expertise in the Real Estate. It has an unmatched medium in the market with unique construction model for setting up new genera in the business. The objective of the company is to provide construction facilities where it assures that the land/plot is provided at the lowest of its cost.

The model is designed by keeping all odds and ends in view of clients who are about to be the extended family of the Woodberry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an idea that the Real Estate world is full of possibilities. It connects people not just on professional arena but on the personal ground as well. The company aspires to escalate the standard of Real Estate Business by dealing with clients cost-effectively.

Our Story

The Woodberry Estate is a Ranchi based company that provides property/ general plot at a super affordable price. The firm works on an idea that is new to Jharkhand.
The highly growing rate of land and properties restricts us from buying them, we understand and so we work to provide them in a manner that is extremely pocket friendly. We do it via different schemes that are being run by us. The schemes act as a convenient medium for the buyers who are willing to get property but could not afford it in a go.
As known, Jharkhand is a land of tribal, therefore most of the land area comes under Chhota Nagpur Tenancy Act (CNT Act), 1908. It is an important act for the tribal population of Jharkhand. It prohibits the transfer of tribal lands to non-tribal.

Taking note of this, we assure that the properties that we provide are CNT free.

Meet Our Team

Ayaz Ahmed

Director (C.E.O)

Ayaz obtains over 4 years of experience in the field of Real Estate. He holds a broad knowledge of land/properties in and around the state. He specifically deals with CNT free plots. He is a B.Tech Graduate.

Zeeshanul Haque

Director (C.O.O)

Zeeshan acquires relevant knowledge of the Real Estate. He has prior experience in marketing and finance. He is a B.Tech Graduate.

Rizwan Alam

Director (C.F.O)

Rizwan has experience in the Banking sector. He has worked in a corporate house. He gains knowledge in finance from his previous work experience. He is a graduate.

Next Steps…

We running different projects in the state through which we provide CNT free properties to our clients. To know more about the projects and our schemes, kindly contact us through emails, messages, calls on the number mentioned on the website. You can click on the link below to reach us.

We look forward to see you soon.