Woodberry Estate Pvt. Ltd primarily deals with plots/lands/properties but also offers other construction services. The company provides house maps made by professionals along with landscaping.

The Details of other services provided by Woodberry Estate:-


The houses are professionally designed by keeping available space in mind. The houses have a proper parking area and a guest room with separate washroom which will be  attached to the main drawing room and attached washroom for master bedroom. A kitchen, dining room , store room and a separate worship room , two spacious bedrooms  and a washroom have been designed for the consideration of floor. The floor has an open area for natural air to come in.

Land Scaping

Landscaping of the plot is something that makes the project more special. It is a unique service provided by Woodberry Estate, which no other company in Ranchi provides. The landscaping beautifies the area in a different way. Since the availability of space and resources remains limited in city life, therefore the craving for natural ambiance remains unsolved. Under this project we pitch in  small ponds, garden, fountain to get natural peaceful atmosphere around us.


Fountain is something that we all love being around. The projects facilitate the creation of small fountain in the living area that gives some natural glow to the space. It looks beautiful, elegant and peaceful at the same time.

Aqua scaping / Fish Tank

Fish and ponds are few of the unique creations of nature. Be it catching fish or just putting legs in ponds, everyone enjoys it. In other way why not to keep fishes free in pond, its natural habitat, instead of limiting them in an aquarium. Through our projects, we create small fish ponds in the living area for adding more fun and beauty in the ambiance.

Interior designing

We work on providing a modern look to the existing as well as new interiors of living/office space. We transform an old interior into a fresh-looking area according to the requirements, which includes appropriate colours/ paint to the walls and ceiling, designer lights/bulb and false ceiling to make the space look attractive.

Wall Texture

We provide our services to give furnished texture to flat/ uneven walls. We add interest to the plain and simple walls with the help of new/contrast colours and trending wall designs according to the preference and requirement.


We transform land/ground into a beautiful lawn that comprises a garden, small pond, and a sitting area which gives a nature-friendly look to the residence. We extend our services to create balcony/ terrace gardens

Modular Kitchen

We facilitate the creation of trending modular kitchens where we give a designed look to the cooking space by providing a separate storage area and accommodate an open layout for cooking. We take proper care of the designs and look of the modular kitchen at pocket-friendly expenses.


We transform plain walls and shelves into a wardrobe with the help of designer frames, sliders, and glass for a contemporary look.


We create and provide house maps for construction. We design plots keeping in mind the proper entrance of the sunlight in a room, balcony, and other needs. We design in 2D and 3D as well. We also do landscaping for the construction plot by combining nature and contemporary culture. This includes aesthetics, the building of the garden, parking area, site drainage, groundwater recharge, and other measurable consideration.